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Dr Ladislaus Batthyány-Strattmann Museum

The main building of the Batthyány-castle, originally built in Baroque style in the 18th century, hosts the Dr László Batthyány-Strattman Museum, offering various permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Opening hours:

May 1 – October 31: 10.00 -18.00. (Every day except Monday)

November 1- April 30: 10.00-16.00. (Every day except Sunday and Monday)

Permanent exhibitions

The ceremonial hall provides the venue for a permanent exhibition called “The Generations of the Batthyány Family”. The Batthyány family raised numerous important people for our country, such as:  Ádám Batthyány I, Captain-General of Transdanubia; Lajos Ernő Batthyány, Palatine of Hungary; Field Marshal Károly Batthyány who was raised to princely rank by Maria Theresia; Maecenas Fülöp Batthyány; Lajos Batthyány, the first prime minister of Hungary and Dr. László Batthyány-Strattmann ophthalmologist, who was beatified in 2003. Among the exhibits visitors are able to gain insight to the history of the Batthyány family from the 13th century to the present days. The most famous members of the family are personalised by their dressed mannequins. Moreover, objects and documents that can be linked to them are exhibited also.

The museum allows blind and visually impaired visitors to explore the tactile exhibits in the ceremonial hall. The exhibition, called “Close your eyes and see!” presents works of art, their reproductions and reconstructions, relating to the Batthyány family. Some of the tactile exhibits: a Baroque wig, Chain of the Order of the Golden Fleece, reproductions of the bowls of the treasure trove of Körmend and the reconstruction of Adam Batthyány’s mace.

The Historical Shoe Collection allows insight into the history of shoemaking. The collection exhibits outstanding foot wears such as: the shoes of Empress Elisabeth of Austria and the shoes of Mari Jászai, who was a famous Hungarian actress. Moreover, exotic foot wears are on display for example the ones which were used by Chinese women whose feet were bound and thick-soled Persian slippers inlaid with mother-of-pearl.



Dr László Batthyány-Strattman Museum
3. Dr László Batthyány-Strattman Street
Tel./Fax.: +36-94/410-425
email: museum [dot] kormend [at] gmail [dot] com
web site:


Entry fees


Full-price ticket 1200,- HUF

Half-price ticket (student, pensioner) 600,- HUF

Adult, member of a group (over 15 group members) 1000,- HUF

Student, member of a group (over 15 group members) 500,- HUF

Family ticket (two adults and children) 2400,- HUF

Guided tour (only in Hungarian) 4000,- HUF

Audio guide 500,- HUF

Photography permit 500,- HUF


Hunting Lodge:

Full-price ticket 600,- HUF

Half-price ticket (student, pensioner) 300,- HUF

Adult, member of a group (over 15 group members) 500,- HUF

Student, member of a group (over 15 group members) 250,- HUF

Family ticket (two adults and children) 1200,- HUF

Guided tour (only in Hungarian) 2000,- HUF

Photography permit 400,- HUF


Combinated (Museum + Hunting Lodge):

Full-price ticket 1500,- HUF

Half-price ticket (student, pensioner) 750,- HUF

Adult, member of a group (over 15 group members) 1200,- HUF

Student, member of a group (over 15 group members) 600,- HUF

Family ticket 3000,- HUF

Photography permit 700,- HUF

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